Begin Your Climate Change Journey

Lead or Attend a Growing Greener Workshop

We have a climate avoidance habit and it’s time to break it.

  • 73% of Americans know that climate change is happening
  • 62% know that it is human caused but
  • 66% “never or rarely” discuss global warming with family members or friends

Through this active, one-hour workshop Dr. Mick Smyer will help you move people from anxiety to action on climate issues. Each participant leaves with a clear next step for action and a clear understanding of what motivates success.

Reach out to learn more about the workshop, materials, and how you can lead one in your own community.

Purchase Your Own Deck of Climate Cards

Each of us is on a climate journey and we feel better when we know where we are and what our next steps are.

Our Climate Cards deck helps you discover the steps of your individual journey: your current impact; what it could be; and how to get there by focusing on specific actions you can take.

Use our Climate Cards to figure out your next step on your climate journey. Sort the cards into three simple categories: Things I Already Do, Things I Could Do, and No Way. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a clear idea of your next step to making the world more sustainable.

“Start by picturing a specific place that matters to you.”

Your Climate Journey Workshop

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