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Healthy Ageing in an Era of Climate Change

When asked about the biggest challenge facing us globally, Mick Smyer, Founder and CEO of the American non-profit organisation, Growing Greener, didn’t miss a beat:  “Ageing in an era of climate change,” he answered. “It resonates both at the individual and the societal levels.” This seemed like the perfect way to sum up the panel discussion […]


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Hey Boomers: After Glasgow, It’s Time to Pay it Forward

“Your generation caused this whole mess.” Our daughter’s summary of the climate crisis hit me hard. Of course, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard Boomer blame when it came to climate issues. A few years ago, philosopher and gerontologist Rick Moody summed up the argument: “Today’s elders, more than any other age group, bear […]

Living to 100 Club

Mick discusses Growing Greener’s work with Dr. Joe Casciani for the followers of the Living to 100 Club Podcast.


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