Classic Deck – Climate Cards


The original deck of Climate Cards, suitable for adults.

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We are each on a climate journey and we feel better when we know where we are and what our next step is. Growing Greener’s classic deck of 29 climate actions can help you pick your next step.

Each card represents an action that individuals can take to make the world more sustainable. The back of each card provides the carbon impact of each action and additional information about its impact.

Each participant sorts the climate cards into one of three piles: Things I Already Do, Things I Could Do, and No Way (Things I Cannot or Will Not Do). If you’re doing this in a group or with your family, you learn a lot from comparing how you sort the actions with other peoples’ views.

In the last step, each participant moves one action from “Could Do” to “Will Do”: this will be the next step on your climate journey. Following simple steps, Growing Greener helps you make a commitment to take that next step on your climate journey.

What’s your next step on your climate journey? Find out with Growing Greener’s climate cards!

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