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Now with three new cards!  A climate journey suitable for kids and families.

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How do you talk with children about climate change? Growing Greener’s kids cards provide a great conversation starter. Elementary school teachers developed this set of climate cards.

Each card represents something that an elementary school student could possibly do to make the world more sustainable. An illustrator added child-friendly illustrations to make the cards interesting and kid-friendly. On the back of the card is information about that action and its impact.

Students are asked to put each card into one of three piles: I Already Do This, I Would Like To Do This, or I Cannot Do This. For families, the card sorting leads to interesting discussions about what is in your family’s “Already Do”, “Like To Do”, or “Cannot Do” pile. In classrooms, students compare their piles and learn from each other about what might be possible.

In the last step, each student picks one action from the “Like To Do” pile as her or his next climate action. Whether at home or in class, this leads to discussion of what’s needed to make that next step.

How do you start a climate conversation? Growing Greener’s kids’ cards!

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